7 Day WA Posts

Day 1

Neelam and I welcome you to this 7-day program to connect you with your Ancestors.

Here are a few ground rules:

#1) This is Sacred Space. This space has been sanctified and therefore, we are here as a family of One. We share. There is no judgment. There is only Love and Support.

#2) There is no analysis here. Please do not tell someone what something means. What we will experience here is filled with metaphors. A metaphor is the strongest words for personal change work and they are also highly personal. Therefore, the protocol that we use is this; “If this were my situation (X) I would….”

(X could be a metaphor or memory or dream or experience.)


#3) Almost all of you are from India. I will post daily messages and lessons in the morning hours. For those who live outside of India, you may want to mute your notification settings so you are not disturbed by late-night messages.

Daily teachings and assignments will be posted on the whatsapp group:

2019 AH Daily Assignments

You do not have writing privileges in that group.

Therefore, we created another group where you have the freedom to write. It is here that you will post your questions and where we will respond to you. That group is called:

2019 AH Q&A

Please understand that Neelam and I teach, write and work with clients during this time. We will respond as fast as possible, so if there is a time lag, please be patient with us.


Here are a few rules:

#1) When Neelam and I post something lengthy, we will begin and also end our thread or comment with <><><>.

Please do not interrupt us as we post until you see that final <><><>

#2) Please, no forward messages. No “Good Mornings” and “Happy X (pick the occasion). Let’s focus 100% on our Ancestors.

#3) No self-promotion.

#4) Also, this is not a dating site, so honor each other’s personal space. If you should receive an unsolicited message that you do not approve of, report it to whatsapp as spam and block that person. Do let us know and that person will be banned from any future groups.


#5) Please make your commitment to honor these Practices. This is a self-paced program, so I strongly recommend you copy the daily assignments and save them just in case you get sidetracked. Try to keep up with us though!

#6) This one is VERY IMPORTANT. Please, please, please, READ all Posts that have been made by others before you post anything. We are not at all thrilled about answering the same questions again and again because you failed to read an earlier reply. By pre-reading earlier posts, you are being respectful to the original author and us.

Now, let’s move on!


We honor you for the steps you are about to take, for our connection with our Ancestors is of great importance. Why? Because we are their offspring. They are responsible for bringing you into this Life. And also because you have joined us…for a reason.

Perhaps the reason you are here is to honor your Ancestors…

Perhaps this is the first step in healing Ancestral Issues that trouble you and most likely, your family lineage, and have done so for numerous generations.

Perhaps you were guided to connect with your Ancestors because they have important things to tell you….

And so, you are about to embark on a profoundly rich journey as you begin your personal Connection with your Ancestors.


The focus of this group over these next 7 days goes far beyond honoring them.

For here, you will have the chance to develop strong, personal relationships with them. Your relationships with them can be very different from the others in this group.

Therefore, please recognize that this is not a competition. Instead, this is a Safe and Sacred Space where you can begin your personal connection with your Ancestors.


So, who exactly are your Ancestors?

In our workshops in India, we are often asked if the Ancestors of a spouse are now your Ancestors.

The answer is “No.”

Your Ancestors begin with your parents and it goes back in time. You have your own set and your spouse has another.

Therefore, you will seek relationships only with your Ancestors.


There are a couple of other common questions:

Q: What if I am adopted or I never knew my parents or Grand Parents or Great Great Grandparents?

A: It doesn’t matter. Simply name them by their relationship to you. You will meet them soon enough. For example, my father’s father’s father (my Great Grandfather) I would call Great Great Grandfather Hinsberger.

Q: How safe is this?

A: We are only connecting with the Good Ancestors. Your Ancestors want to help you and they are deeply honored by what you are about to do. This is sacred work…hold this intention (we’ll remind you!) as you work over the next 7 days and beyond.


So, our first project is to identify who these Ancestors are…

I have put on our website a very narrowly defined family tree. This is intentional. Try to fill this in, and for now, focus on these particular Ancestors.

Stay away from siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and deceased pets. Stay focused on the ones asked for in this particular Family Tree.

If you know of anyone in your Ancestral Lineage that does not fit into the worksheet, put them on the sidelines. For example, you may have had a very close relationship with a departed sibling or cousin, an Aunt or Uncle or a Great Aunt…they are not part of the family tree that we’re filling in here. Therefore, just put them off to the side for now. There is space to add them beneath the “Tree”.


Assignment #1: The Family Tree

The simple family tree is available in both MS Word and in .pdf format on a special page of our website here:



The .pdf version is print only.
The MS Word allows you to enter data via your PC.


Simply download and complete the form. This is for your reference as you begin your connection(s).

Focus ONLY only your parents, your grandparents and your great-grandparents. If you do not know their name, identify them by:

(Role in lineage + last name)

Therefore, my maternal Great-Grandfather on my Grandfather’s side would be:

Great-Grandfather Jones.

Feel free to share or ask questions. Post them on the 2019 AH Q&A group.

With Blessings,