The Gift of Nature in Shamanic Practice

Nature has gifted us with its healing touch. It brings us comfort and wisdom and peace. A ruined body, a broken mind, will find comfort and consolation in the embrace of Nature.

Nature ever flows with Divine Beauty. It is a friend, a guide and a gateway to peace. Nature provides us with fresh energy and renewed vigor.

It is also an expression of the Divine. In it, we see—and find—the Face of Spirit.

Nature is full of beautiful gifts and blessings for humanity.

The flowing rivers, the resonance of waterfalls, the whispers of the wind, the smiling flowers and the dramatic rising of mountains are only some of her awe inspiring gifts.

As you read those words, what did they stir up in you? Did you smile? Do you have a yearning to experience them?

Nature fills out lives with joy, goodness and happiness. To one who is in harmony with Nature, everything in Nature is alive. And with that understanding, one realizes that everything is full of Power and Spirit and Gifts. We call this Medicine.

The beauty of Nature is unlimited, and can be found anywhere and at anytime. All we need to do is SEE.

Unfortunately, man is often too engrossed in worldly pursuits. He is too busy to SEE and discover the depth of the beauty of Nature. Man fails to take the time to listen to the singing of birds, or to watch the clouds dance and swirl across the sky or observe the dance of the wind as it flows over flowers and grass.

Man does not look up at the starry heavens. He fails to look up beyond the fading rain, missing the beauty of the rainbow arch in the sky.

Instead, man has sold his heart and mind to the gods of material wealth, which fuels his ardent desire for conquest and “owning” things. Man has lost his ability to simply be…simple.

We must open our inner eyes and ears to the Beauty that surrounds us. Then can we enjoy the sublime sights and sounds of Nature. It takes a pure heart to fully understand the deeper beauty and gifts of Nature. Such an experience creates profound, healing memories that are akin to a treasure.

As Wordsworth wrote:

‘For oft when on my couch I lie,

In vacant or in pensive mood

They flash upon that inward eye

Which is the bliss of solitude.’

Nature is not only a source of joy, it is also a source of education.

Our Shamanic Ancestors, the founders of this lineage, honored Nature for her profound teachings. Our Ancestors observed the nuances, the subtle messages that surrounded them.

They learned how fruit bearing trees teach us humility and learned about gifting, while others trees taught how to listen and speak with the Wind…

Mountains taught how to be firm and how to ascend into the wisdom acquired with the elevation of age…

Flowers reminded them of the transitory Nature of life and the beauty of this Life and that this is something precious and worth sharing.

An aware observer of Nature can certainly find tongues in trees, books in brooks, sermons in stones and an understanding of the Cycles of Life. Found within Nature is a deep understanding of the Connection to All in the Web of Life. It is Nature that opens the door to this understanding.

There is a kinship between man and Nature. Therefore, a Love of Nature is, natural in man.

As stated in Songs of the Shaman: Path of the Feather, verses 4:12: “And who can say what lies the hearts of those who cannot feel the Great Spirit…in all things.”

You do not need to go far to find Nature.

It is everywhere around us…in the Air that we breathe…under your feet as you walk…

or in the palm of your hand when you hold a pebble.

Nature has many facets and can be found in many places…

Connect Dear One with the Gift that never fades and that gives so much to us.

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