2017-2018 One Year Mentorship Program

A-ho Dear One!

Thank you for your interest in our One Year Mentorship Program for 2017-2018.

Here is a .pdf file that has an overview of what this program is about: One Year Shamanic Mentorship Program 2017-2018

Here is a testimonial from a member of the 2016-2017 Tribe:

The One Year Program has transformed me and my life in a lot of ways and it’ still is…Before joining the one year program. I felt extremely lost and was unable to comprehend my own existence… to an extent I started questioning why am I alive?

One year program is a family. A VERY close family. After joining the program I was able to connect with my self, others without judgements. The path opened up many things for me including how to honor my time and as well as others time.

Respect and honor towards the smallest of things… face my own challenges and help find solution. It triggered me, broke me and then slowly started building a new me. Look for answers within. Trust the guidance coming from the universe.

This is a part of self development and letting go of what’s not required. My tribe members come from various walks of life. There’s a lot to learn from them. Am still learning…This program has changed me and made me more responsible for my own actions. Neelam and Paul helped me with their guidance and through their experiences to listen to my own self with lot of self work. This is the best part… we are not given methods instead we discover our own unique ones and whichever calls the most… follow it. I still face a lot of resistance and working on my self. But when I look back… I know I’ve come a long way.

I now understand there is a reason for this calling. Paul and Neelam helped me and encourage me to trust my own instincts without approval from anyone. I discovered one of the most unique gifts through Paul and Neelam…they helped me understand my own unique gifts.

I am extremely grateful to my tribe. I get to learn a lot from each one of them. The learning sometimes came in simplest of the forms… like a message or a call. My tribe you all are extraordinary and am glad and thankful to each one of you. I have a family in my tribe!

Thank you for selecting me to be one of you all. Deepest gratitude and profound love…Paul and Neelam!

So if the path of shamanism is your calling, please honor it!  Much love, Juhee


To apply for registration please start below. Note that we offer both a “Physical Tribe” where we will teach both online and also with physical gatherings here in India once a quarter in addition to a 100% online program for students that are not located in India.

After completing the form below, We will send you a questionnaire that will take you further into your journey on this path. We look forward to hearing from you.

Click here (takes you off site to Soundcloud) to hear a short interview with one of our One Year Mentorship students, Barbara as she shares about part of her journey she has shared with us.