About Shamanic Vision

Greetings Brothers and Sisters, welcome to Shamanic Vision!
There are two of us: Paul Hinsberger from California and Neelam Nanwani from India.

Paul is a published author, a Shamanic Counselor, a Public Speaker, a Workshop Facilitator and a Holistic Practitioner. Paul offers Heart-based workshops, retreats and lectures that focus on Life Balance, Self-awareness and Inner Peace.

Seen as a Life Guide, Paul warmly shares his life experiences while connecting deeply with his clients and participants. Noted for his written blogs, Paul also hosts a weekly radio blog called The Sharing Circle:

More About Paul:

Paul is a Shamanic Practitioner, gifted psychic and intuitive tarot card reader and instructor. Reading tarot since he was 17, Paul utilizes Tarot as a tool to open the Gateway to Personal Change.

Highly creative, heart centered and compassionate, Paul is attuned to the World around him and to those who enter into his sphere of Being. He is very warm and welcoming, non-judgemental and down to earth.

Paul regularly leads and facilitates both drum and Shamanic Circles, creating sacred space while uniting people in both trance and meditative states with ease.

Paul Hinsberger Shamanic Counseling 6-3-2013 EDIT 2

More About Neelam:

Neelam is also a Shamanic Practitioner and is involved and evolved as an Inner Child Therapist.

Dedicated to sharing her knowledge and compassionate heart with others, Neelam blends intuitive wisdom with solid understanding, creating a powerful, holistic approach, specializing in the areas of Emotional change.. A highly skilled Reiki Master, hypnotherapist and graphologist, Neelam is filled with Light and BEing.

Skilled in both private sessions and groups, Neelam speaks at public events mostly in her home town of Ahmedabad, India.

Neelam’s articles are often found in The Times of India and other publications within the spiritual community.

In addition, Neelam maintains a blog (The Sharing Circle) and is the co-host with Paul on the Sharing Circle radio blog.


  1. Hi neelam and Paul,
    Pls notify me of any workshops happening in the future in Mumbai. I’m very interested to do it or it would be highly appreciated if you can guide me to anybody doing this workshops in Mumbai.

    Thanks & god bless,

    • We certainly will let you know Rhea!

      I can tell you now that we will be holding our Core workshop in Mumbai on Sat/Sun September 6 & 7th. We will also be holding a Shamanic Circle in Mumbai on Friday, Sept. 5. Two other events will also be happening while we are in Mumbai during this time frame:). More info to follow.

      • Dear Paul I just missed the one in Delhi, any chance you will have another one before the one in Mumbai? Many thanks ….blessings Ana Raquel

      • Hi Anna Raquel,

        We are arriving in Mumbai from the USA and will stay there for our first week. We will be in Delhi starting October 9th. Hope you can join us then!

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your response. Did you mean September or October? Above it says 6th&7th Sept for Mumbai and then Delhi October. Grateful if you can let me know the exact dates for Delhi and if you will be holding a workshop as well. Thanks again!

    • Hi Ana. It will be 6 & 7th Sept for Mumbai. We will be in Delhi in October. Will keep you posted about the exact dates for New Delhi.

    • Dates are now solid Ana for New Delhi. We will be there on October 4th and 5th. Here are the details as posted on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1441916786066608/

    • Hi Ana, The workshop in New Delhi is on 4 & 5th Oct. I have sent you emails too about the workshop and registration. Please write to me on neelamnanwani@yahoo.in for confirmation

  3. Hi Neelam and Paul, Do you have any plans for workshop in chennai India during these period. Thanks Aji

    • Hi Aji, we don’t have any plans on visiting Chennai this year. However, we are planning a workshop in Bangalore in early December :).

  4. Hii,mana on facebook told me that you will be holding a seminar in bombay on 6,7 sept..when nd where it will b..please let me know the address nd other details..would like to attend one..

    • Sorry for the delay in writing to you Vishal…we just now have internet access from our home in Ahmedabad. We will back in Mumbai on January 9-11th where we will hold both our Fundamentals of Shamanic Practice and our Advanced Course: Healing the Shamanic Soul and Heart. We will send you a private email with the details.

      • Hi, can you mail me whenever you hold your next workshop in Mumbai?? I’d be very interested!!

      • Hi Rathi,

        Thank you for your note.

        We will be back in Mumbai on Friday, January 9th 2015 through the 11th. We will be offering our Foundations Course on the 9th as a one day, 12 hour intensive. (This is typically a 2 day course).

        The 10th and 11th are dedicated to our Advanced Course: Healing the Shaman’s Soul and Heart. We shall send you information shortly.


  5. Hi neelam maam and Paul sir,
    is there going to be shamanic workshop in near future in Kolkata?
    I am very much interested in this workshop.

    thank you

    • Indeed we are! We plan on coming up to Kolkata later this year or in early 2015. We are in search of a suitable venue. Know of any?

  6. Dear Paul
    Could you perhaps tell e what will be the venue for the BombY intensive being offered in Jan 2015
    Where can it find other details on the same
    With divine blessings love and light

    • Thank you for your inquiry Sangita. Hopefully, you found our Core workshop info already. Here is the info on the course content:http://shamanic-vision.net/advanced-workshop-healing-the-shamans-soul-and-heart/

      The venue is at a beautiful private bungalow in Andheri West, close to the beach. The home and the vibe is first class and yet very loving and heart centered. We would not have it any other way :). We’ll send you more info.

  7. i m frm kolkata and wants to attend the 15th nov 2014 workshop
    where is the venue???

  8. Hello Paul, I am from Kolkata. Keenly interested to attend your
    Shaman workshop. Please detail asap
    Love and light

    • Thank you for writing. Email sent to you Dipanwita :)

  9. Hi Paul & Neelam,
    Am Sanika, based out of Mumbai, India. am a past life therapist and very keen to learn Shamanism. Request if you can let me know about workshops in near future in Mumbai or for that matter anywhere in India.
    Love & light

  10. Hi! Neelam,
    I feel trapped with low energies and need help to get clarity in life and get my energies back.

    Please help

  11. dear Paul and Neelam,
    i am Piyush from Siliguri,West Bengal.i did try calling the India number but there was no response.what is a good time to call?i need help…i have read about SHAMANISM and hypnotherapy and feel you all can help me with my illness,would like to speak to you all.
    best wishes–piyush

    • Hi Piyush,

      Thank you for writing.

      At this moment, we are in the USA and Neelam’s India phone will not take your call. We’ll be back in India on April 7, 2015. I’ll email you today.



  12. Hi Sir,

    Myself Manisha staying in Mumbai wants to learn shamanism. I have successfully completed my second degree of reiki.

    Please let me know when it will be in mumbai?

    • Hi Manisha, we will be in Mumbai offering our Foundations of Shamanic Practices workshop the weekend of July 18-19, 2015. Write to us for more details. Hope to see you there!

      • Yes I will be there sure. Please provide me more details..

  13. Great article.

  14. Dear Sir,

    I am Abhishek from New Delhi – India. I am 32 yrs old and suffering from Spirit Possession from…

    • Hi Abhishek,

      I edited the details of your email for your privacy. I will write you privately regarding your issue. Thank you for writing. Do watch your e-mail.



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